This section of my site is for extra general information. It is dedicated to the people and resources that made this site possible, for example, credits, cookies policy, dependencies.

Other important information that I feel is relevant to certain users can be found here, for example, accessibility.


  • I'd like to give thanks to Jim for being my inspiration and the reason why I love programming, technology and engineering so so much!
  • Thank you Orla for helping out tremendously in many parts. It is really appreciated, thank you!


This is every dependency / library this site uses. Thank you to all the authors.


This website was built with accessibility in mind. I have tried to make the site work and feel good for as many users as I can.

  • All images have alternate text.
  • I try to avoid using all caps due to this being harder to read for some people.
  • Every page has been tested with multiple colour-blindness tests.
  • Use of ARIA (Accessible Rich Internet Applications) labels to assist people who use assistive technologies.

If you have any suggestions or requests to make this site more accessible to you or someone else, please feel free to get in touch.

Cookies Policy

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I also use Google Analytics to view information such as site traffic, what pages are most popular, average engagement time, etc.

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